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 Qatar has close relations with the Republic of Lebanon, based on clarity, the commitment to the principles and common values based on cooperation, mutual respect and sincere meanings of Arab brotherhood ,and it was always aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries.
 اIt is worth mentioning that the Qatari Embassy in Lebanon , is one of the first embassies operating in it since it began its work represent a diplomat in PHOENICIA hotel that officially opened in 1972 and then stopped working due to the circumstances of the civil war in Lebanon until the resumption of its work later in 1991 .

It was Qatar's contributions and achievements in various sectors in Lebanon, including:

  • Rebuild towns ( girlJbeil - Anata - tents - Aita al-Shaab ) in southern Lebanon following the July 2006 war.
  • State of Qatar hosted the ( Doha Lebanese National Dialogue ) in 2008, where he was declared " the Doha agreement ."
  • State of Qatar contributed to the building of Imam Shafi'i mosque in Beirut.