Culture and Heritage

Society, culture and heritage

It is estimated that the age of the people of Lebanon is as the cultural life of the first human civilization, back to six thousand years, the Lebanese people have lived for nearly four hundred years under Ottoman rule, and then suffered from French colonialism (1920-1943) , and later lived under the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon from 1978 until liberation in 2000.
Lebanon was, since the dawn of history, a prominent cultural center. He is the one who invented the alphabet, which is still the first symbols engraved on the sarcophagus of Ahiram saved in the Lebanese National Museum.
Lebanon is a link between three continents, has carried out its mission through the ages as a center of exchange between East and West at all levels.

Lebanese heritage

Lebanese heritage known for its diversity and zest for life, a common heritage when all Lebanese regions and religions , with minor differences characterize each region from other areas and the most important things of heritage in Lebanon: Folklore and folk song, Zajal and Dabke. In addition to Lebanese cuisine, which has become global because of its diversity and please him different tastes and distinctiveness accuracy and delicious taste.
Lebanon, on the other hand is one of the countries to open society’s cultures often hosts intellectuals and artists from all countries of the world and is characterized by its people, generosity, humility and welcoming guest and honoring.